ETNA Software

Automated Trading

Algorithmic trading (a.k.a black-box/automated/algo trading) by electronic platforms means that algorithm decides initiating the order without human intervention.
ETNA Software has developed the state-of-art platform: ETNA AlgoCloud.

ETNA AlgoCloud is a robust, scalable solution for algotrading & HFT.
Distributed architecture enables high-performance strategies, and the ability to install platform to any environment provides lower latencies and higher frequencies.

Our solutions, based on ETNA AlgoCloud platform, serve both big retail traders and fund managers, looking for a platform for algorithmic trading that has an ergonomic, fast and user friendly interface.

Key Features of our solution:

  • HFT
  • Custom C# or Java algorithmic strategies
  • Charting & technical analysis tools
  • Streaming of quotes, orders, positions, strategies, P/L & charts
  • Scalable orders & positions list
  • Manual & Automatic trading mode
  • Strategy backtesting & optimization
  • Status alerts by email & SMS
  • Integration with multiple market data feeds
  • Connectivity to various execution venues

High Frequency Trading

The Robot is a reliable algo trading software even for large retail traders or funds. It is a server-hosted solution with a web interface. Robot is extremely powerful and is capable of running hundreds of strategies simultaneously. As high-frequency trading (HFT) platform it handles over 3000 orders per second. It's one of the wide portfolio cases collection of trading software, developed by ETNA Software.

ETNA AlgoCloud trades any asset class: equities, futures, options, FX and other derivatives. It can be connected to any market with a set of connectivity modules for major brokers, market makers and data feed providers. The software is broker-neutral.
ETNA's AlgoCloud is efficient for automated Forex trading. Virtually any pair, derivative, forex options chain, once tested, can run automatically.

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Strategy Execution

Robot runs trading strategies written in native Java, which makes possible to run trades at lower latencies. Customized Easy Language algorithm can be added as a module by client’s request.
This would simplify strategies creation but would not make use of the system’s possible performance.
Ergonomic UI is the core to usability of the solution. Simple and intuitive interface provides easy navigation through the tabs to manage actual live portfolio, assets, and order history.

Cloud Hosting

For secure trading the Algorithmic robot can be hosted on ASP or deployed in user’s environment. You do not depend on your own internet connection or contend with hardware failures; we deploy the system to the cloud and that's it!
Our solution can be deployed in any cloud environment with our partners Amazon AWS and Rackspace. That allows us to offer competitive pricing on ASP and provide our clients with deployment opportunities that will increase fault-tolerance and reliability of automated trading.
Two algorithmic strategies are included within the deployment.
We will develop two trading strategies for any asset class (stocks, futures or options, etc.) based on your requirements and include those with the system deployed.

Try ETNA AlgoCloud to see the platform in action feel free to Contact Us today. We would gladly answer any questions and offer assistance at the most convenient time.