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ETNA Trader LogoETNA Trader is a trading platform. It is based on a proprietary framework for electronic trading that can be white-labeled and customized for a proprietary trading firm, broker-dealer or any other client, looking for a bespoke software for electronic trading stocks, ETFs, fixed income, derivatives and FX trading.

ETNA Trader integrates front-end for trading any asset class and includes middle & back office procedures. With such solution buy-side and sell-side institutions gain incomparable agility to respond to their changing business needs.
ETNA Trader provides access to delay-free market data, news, and analysis. ETNA Trader offers compiled configurations of pre-trade, trade and post-execution. The platform confirms real-time pre-trade, order management, electronic trading, execution post-trade and end-of-day monitoring for client, firm, and regulatory requirements.

Raise trading efficiency. Improve trading workflow and compliance. Reduce operational risk!

electronic trading interface electronic trading platform

This solution comes with complete trading infrastructure: OMS, connectivity via FIX, Direct market access (DMA) or APIs, market data feed modules, technical analysis, smart order routing, Portfolio Management & Back-office.

The software can trade any asset class and includes the following:

  • Market analysis tools including live Twitter market feed with streaming tweets on any selected instrument with defined sentiment and volume. This innovative solution is helping traders make clever trading decisions and understand current market trends better.
  • Technical analysis and Charts are a must for every modern trading software. With the flexibility of HTML5, Flash or Silverlight, traders can apply any technical analysis to the charts and analyze streaming market data easily.
  • Order entry, routing and execution can be performed based on the settings defined by the administrator in the back-office of the system to the trader’s benefit.
  • Watchlists of stock symbols can be used to create advanced newsfeeds, set alerts, and can be customized to include portfolio management tools.
  • Customizable tabs dashboard for traders can be adjusted either from the front-end by the trader or from the back-office by the system administrator to ensure the users get the maximized trading experience.
  • Portfolio management allows users to include any number of stocks in the portfolio and manage the account to react to the current market situation.
  • Risk Management and Alerts make a necessary addition to the set of tools of any online trading platform. Set up alerts on certain events to receive email and text notifications; use advanced risk management to deal with unexpected market behavior.
  • Back-office includes all the accounting interfaces, user management, advanced reporting for compliance needs and other custom reports generated.
  • FIX gateways to ISE, Nasdaq, Citadel, Citi/ATD and other major market makers make system deployment painless and rapid.
  • Live market data streaming from the data feed right to the trader’s screen, to charts, watch lists, news panels and more.
  • Distributed architecture provides highest uptime and easy scalability, and allows supporting up to 100K concurrent users.

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