Augmented Reality Platform

Build augmented reality experiences for hundreds of millions of users on multiple platforms with new amazing cross-platform SDK. All your business needs to involve a client in the new fantastic world.

Augmented Reality Platform
Focus on Business

Focus on business

The digital age has led to an abundance of new merchants who thrive on selling online, directly to the consumer. As retailers begin to focus on creating a cohesive experience both online and offline. Technology has been vital in engaging buyers through both channels, particularly augmented reality (AR).

Now that the digital medium and in-store marketing must work in tandem to create a cohesive experience; technology like augmented reality is allowing retailers to offer a more personal, interactive experience that fundamentally changes the way we shop.

We offer not just SDK, but ideas for your business with impressive implementation.

Enterprise Experience

  • Boost your business growth and customer engagement.
  • Mobile applications development with "wow"customer experience.


  • Present product or service for partners or distributers. Production of interactive presentations and innovative samplings.
  • Interactive training applications to learn faster new products or services.



  • SLAM
  • Scene and object recognition

  • Image and cloud recognition

  • 3D augmentation

  • Instant tracking

  • QR Code scanning

  • Unlimited recognition times

  • Multi-target simultaneous detection and tracking

  • Up to 1000 offline targets

  • Location based recognition

Multiple Platforms

Augmented Reality Glasses

Available for major operating systems. We make sure that platform is up to date even before official release of Google and Apple OS. We have a responsibility for stable work of your apps on brand new, as well as older devices. Compatible with the leading augmented reality smart glasses.

What we offer

  • Idea, prototype
  • Cross platform SDK + integration
  • Web recognition studio
  • Application development from scratch with AR
  • Release and 24/7 support
  • Data analysis