ETNA Software utilizes cloud computing for advanced automated trading solutions.

ETNA Robot – a customizable automated trade execution system for large retail traders or funds – is announced to receive another update. The new version of ETNA Robot will be rolled out mid-July. The update includes massive architectural revamp which will greatly improve system’s scalability and performance.

ETNA Robot’s distributed architecture allows the system to be flawlessly deployed to a complex cloud infrastructure environment of client’s choice – should it be Amazon cloud, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or any other cloud solutions provider. Utilizing cloud computing for calculations on complex trading strategies is a great step forward for those who are willing to use complex mathematical models in making trading decisions.

“Our research shows that improved failover and replication used for core elements of distributed architecture of ETNA Robot not only make best use of cloud hosting capabilities, but also significantly improve reliability and performance compared to hosting in own environments. We also paid additional attention to security of the system and made sure it meets highest level demands”, said Arseniy Korobchenko, VP, Marketing of ETNA Software.

With the development of ETNA Robot as a feature-rich algorithmic trade execution system for automated trading, ETNA Software plans to get dominant influence in automated trading systems development thought.