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    ETNA Trader

    White label trading platform that helps brokerages, banks and financial services firms adopt self directed brokerage channels. The latest in HTML5 technology and integrated apps make ETNA Trader a one stop shop for trading all asset classes. The platform also offers complete regulatory compliance, and the most competitive pricing on the market Read more

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    ETNA Trader

    ETNA offers affordable maintenance and proprietary functionality with it's app store and HTML5 widget designer. Out app store gives traders the tools needed to make informed trading decisions while raising overall volumes for our brokers. More...

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    Cloud Back Office

    Fully compliant all-in-one solution for automation of broker dealer's internal operations. ETNA offers a significant reduction in operational and maintenance costs.More...

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    Web Front End

    Built on the latest HTML5 front end technology ETNA Trader enables the best possible user experience. Traders appreciate real time streaming data, linking data between widgets and charts with advanced technical analysis. Learn more

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    Mobile Front End

    A state-of-the-art native iOS/Android mobile application that is a must have for any trader to stay tuned to the market and make instantaneous buy/sell decisions on the go. Learn more

ETNA Software has released the ETNA Trader 1.2 online trading platform which features an HTML5 cross-browser user interface and other advanced options. This new release by ETNA Software makes it one of the few trading platforms on the market that uses advanced HTML5 technology. By offering this HTML5 powered application as a white-label solution, ETNA Software makes ETNA Trader a desired platform for trading businesses.

The success of the solution was approved by the audience of The Traders EXPO in New York, where it was introduced to the public.

Roman Zhukov, CEO of ETNA Software, had this to say: “ETNA Trader 1.2 enables brokerage firms to have a competitive advantage amongst rivals, with a recently added state of the art HTML5 interface”. Roman went on to say: “It is fully customizable, and each component can be installed separately, which gives licensing flexibility to sell side, buy side and technological firms. ETNA Trader 1.2 is ready for white-labeling and we provide extremely fast route to market, regardless of complexity of online trading platform requirements.”

This multi-asset trading platform provides comprehensive functionality for both sell-side and buy-side companies involved in providing online-trading and analytics services. Technological firms that provide software development services for financial markets have fully embraced this new release.

The high-speed live data-streaming, combined with smart-order execution, provides real-time quotes and order-status updates.
Thanks to the new HTML5 front-end user interface, trading is now supported on all modern mobile and tablet devices. It not only works in all browsers, but it also supports all the major operating systems.

The new version includes upgraded charts with technical analysis tools to assist traders with work flow.

ETNA Trader 1.2 now supports over 25 lower and upper indicators as well as the functionality to create custom indicators.

To get further information regarding ETNA Trader, contact us or call Sales: +1-855-779-7171.