Options Trading Software

“Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors…” The above-mentioned text is well-known for all users of the options trading software. It’s strongly recommended by one official organization that all option traders should get and read the document of 161 pages before they place their first order.

What is it for? Options trading is the most difficult type of trading, so options traders should be well trained in it. Perhaps we’d rather say that stock trader is just a student if compared to an option trader who is a wise and experienced PhD.

This difference is also applied to the trading software applications. Options trading software has exactly the same components as stock software does. They are: charting, risk management, technical analysis, etc. Moreover, options trading software gains more & more advanced features: volatility analysis, various probability calculations, analyzing profit/loss for the all possible strategies and even 3-D charting. Thus requires a special approach from manifold science areas like calculus of approximations, probability theory and mathematical analysis.

For an options trading software it’s not enough to show quotes, chart, Level 2 and then allow users to buy and sell. Before placing any order, even a simple single-leg order, lots of values should be analyzed. For example, what is the probability you will gain in custom date if volatility will reach the exact value? Well-developed options trading software application ought to answer this question and many more others “what-if” questions in real-time mode.

It doesn’t make any difference whether options trading software is web-based or a desktop application. In both cases the listed features should be presented, so that a trader can get and analyze the most important and valuable information that will result further in a correct investment decision.

That’s why we believe that the development of the options trading software should be assigned to the professional team having a specific domain expertise and large experience proved by portfolio. Contact us to learn how we have helped more than 100 firms to launch their digital wealth management businesses.