What is stronger – an elephant or an ant

As a child, many of us asked oneself a question, what is stronger: an elephant or a whale, a lion or a tiger, etc. What is stronger, an elephant or an ant? The answer to this question seemed so elementary to us, not requiring any reasoning. But, attention, I’m going to unveil the secret of nature – in the animal kingdom, the ant`s specific force on one unit of weight is much bigger than that of an elephant.

Elephant or an Ant

Along with the ability in skillful management it allows the anthill to build well-composed social structures that are ideal in productivity. The following question may arise: Is such a long foreword into the life of animals necessary? The case is that in the software development of complex programmed sector the same situation takes place.

It is natural that any complicated code developed as a single entire module can resolve the assigned missions. But its advance perspectives and the progress are slight. As soon as the system development reaches the highest level of its performance, a business customer faces immense expenses that are required for changing and supporting of the existing solution for the optimization of the current one.

The division into independent components in the phase of requirements identification seems to be more expensive and redundant solution, at first sight. But, finally, it can save a customer from immense expenses in the future. But on the other hand, the system that is represented as many distributed components, allows reaching striking gains in work speed.

The development of the distributed architecture is a necessary but, unfortunately, insufficient problem-solving, concerning system optimization. Especially, it is true for trade platforms, when the system response time affects the profit directly. At this moment, the downtime of each separate element is important.

Going back to the above mentioned example on ants, the question arises: Have you ever seen an idle ant? Each ant is busy with its own business at each instant of time.

A perfect distributed system must function in the same way. Each component at each instant of time must resolve its own task. It can be done with the help of the parallel computation paradigm.

Now, parallel computation paradigm is used by science intensive processes only, due to its initial complexity. As for business-oriented solutions, it must be noticed that just a few companies have well-qualified resources to use such development methods.

The companies that work in the sphere of trade platform development should have a wide experience in distributed platform development and its optimization issues. Is it possible to find a company like this? This question is more difficult than the ant-elephant question, but the right answer affects the future of the products you are producing.