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    ETNA Broker

    ETNA Broker is a cloud-based platform that helps banks and financial services firms to adopt self directed brokerage channels. HTML5, integrated apps, any asset class, complete regulatory compliance, most competitive pricing Learn more

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    ETNA Broker

    It costs much less in maintenance and can support more proprietary functionality with appstore widgets design. It allows for faster tools to market which translates into more trades Learn more

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    ETNA Back Office

    ETNA Back Office is a fully compliant all-in-one solution for automation of back office operations for broker dealers. ETNA offers significant operational and maintenance costs reduction Learn more

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    ETNA Trader

    Web-based Trading Terminal based on latest HTML5 front-end technology enabling the best possible user experience. Traders appreciate real time streaming data, linking trading data between widgets and charts with advanced technical analysis. Learn more

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    ETNA Trader ME

    A state-of-the-art native iOS/Android application that is a must have for any trader to stay tuned to the market and make instantaneous trading decisions on the go. Learn more

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ETNA Broker

For Brokers. No need to build your own online brokerage platform. Use ours in a FINRA approved cloud. Customizable white-labeled cloud based online brokerage platform for trading stocks, options, futures and forex, as well as new and exotic instruments

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Middle and Back Office

Cloud based middle and back office for broker dealers and introducing brokers. Complete regulatory compliance along with user registration process, account opening, real time P/L, margin and buying power, commissions management and security master database in the coud

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ETNA Platform

For FinTech Firms. Why building your own HTML5 and execution platform from scratch? FinTech startups use ETNA Platform as a foundation for building their unique trading technology products. Customizable white-labeled cloud based online trading platform with HTML5 and mobile trading front-ends, OMS and middle and back office operations.

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