ETNA Broker

All-inclusive HTML5 based trading platform for broker-dealers trading stocks, options, futures and FOREX along with new and exotic instruments.

ETNA Platform

Our partners use ETNA Platform as a foundation for building their unique technology products. If your product involves buying, selling, or trading of any sort, we can help!

Cloud Back Office

Enables complete regulatory compliance along with user registration processes, account opening, trading blotter, alerting service, real time P/L, buying power and risk management, commissions management and security master database.


Broker-Dealer out of the box

You’ve got a broker-dealer license, we’ve got award-winning technology with turn key deployment. Our technology can be implemented as a complete package, or divided a la carte to service specific needs.


White labeled and custom tailored

Our modular architecture enables components to be used together or separately just like Legos. We will configure your system to meet the needs of clients, and we also private label the platform with your style, brand, colors, and language.


Lower operating costs

With usage based pricing, dramatically reduce your initial investment in technology. We establish shared goals of maximized performance, usability, trading volume, commissions, and profits. We grow as you grow.

World class developers

Our team of top notch developers are also certified traders. It’s like getting your clients to code for you!


Attract more clients

Traders have the challenge of allocating their investments profitably, make your software the opening bell.


Make traders more active

Top investment ideas don’t always happen sitting behind a desktop computer. Empower your traders to be more active wherever they are with IOS and Android apps.


Don’t reinvent the wheel, just realign it. Anthony J. D’Angelo

Key Features

Routing to multiple markets

ETNA Broker is a broker neutral platform and can be connected to a market of your choice


Multiple market data providers

Take advantage of the out of the box market data or connect to your own provider


Integrated with clearing firms

ETNA has long-term technology relationships and certified integrations with most popular venues for execution and clearing


FINRA/SEC Compliant

Our clients only need a broker dealer license to run a business, ETNA provides and maintains all the technologies in compliance with FINRA/SEC

Server or Cloud hosted

ETNA Broker can be hosted on client’s servers or in ETNA’s data center at Nasdaq FinCloud. Uptime, failover and monitoring are critical benefits of ETNA Broker that reduce technology risks and guarantee the platform’s stability.


News and social trading

ETNA Trader’s enables more informed trading decisions with market news and social trading components with access to Twitter and chat rooms.


Advanced charts with technical analysis

ETNA Trader’s charts help analyze historical performance for multiple periods and timeframes. With a wide range of indicators, the ability to compare performance to industry indices and on-chart drawing and measurement tools. Charts are also updated in real time via ETNA’s market data streaming technology.


Paper and simulated trading

ETNA Trader’s paper trading capability enables users to trade with virtual money for product evaluation, trading educational or to test their trading strategy before risking their real money.



Our clients can be found on Barron’s Wall Street Journal list of best online brokers.


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