The brief history of Trading Terminals

Ticker Tape for Stock Trading

While trading in general started thousands of years ago, trading terminals for financial markets are far more recent. Today, we take technology for granted with smart interfaces and machines to make trades automatically and show us insights into markets and trends. But a few generations ago, things looked differently. There were no terminals, unless you…

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What is a Trade Order Management System (OMS)?

Trade Order Management System

What is an OMS? What is a modern trade order management system software in the world of electronic trading? Let’s start by getting a general definition of what an Order Management System (OMS) is before exploring its history, functionality and what’s available in the modern marketplace. An Order Management System (OMS), is a computer software…

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Broker-Dealer Regulation in the U.S.: what to expect?

Broker-Dealer Regulation

Broker-dealer regulation in the U.S. is tight. And rightly so. After all, whether brokers work with stocks, currencies, bonds, or other financial instruments, broker-dealers often handle large amounts of money, including other people’s. Naturally, the U.S. government wants to keep bad actors out and maintain investor confidence. So, whether you plan to start your activity as…

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Why Fractional Shares are So Important For Retail Investing?

Online Investing

Fractional shares have proven to be an important innovation for the finance industry, namely online investing. When you think of a share, such as one stock of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), you likely think of a whole share. Each whole share, in turn, can be thought of as a slice of the company and its equity.…

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What is Direct Access Trading and How Technology Drove its Success?

HTML5 trading platform

When high speed and low cost of order execution are priorities for traders, direct access trading is often the answer. Through direct access trading (also called direct market access), assets like stocks and currencies can be traded via a direct connection to the market. There is no need to go through the traditional broker order…

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The Rise of Self-Directed Investing in a Digital World

The rise of computers, smartphones, the Internet, and other technologies have greatly changed the way we live our lives. Essentially, every industry and every aspect of our lives has been impacted by these technologies, including investing. Increasingly, investors are cutting out expensive wealth managers, instead taking a “Do-it-Yourself” approach – self-directed investing, and controlling their…

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3 Steps to Launch a Robo-Advisor Software Platform and Bring your Business Online

robo advisor software

From high-frequency trading to long-term investing, computer algorithms are taking over online investment sector at a breathtaking speed. The modern technology, exponential growth of AI and machine learning has made it possible for wealth managers to provide digital financial advice using robo-advisor software to their clients and created a whole new division in FinTech – WealthTech. Since…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

ETNA Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ETNA! Thank you to our wonderful clients, employees and partners! Together we championed the idea that modern technology is a crucial part of successful online investing and we have built an amazing product upon that belief. We are proud to watch how the community of ETNA Trader’s users…

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5 Reasons To Outsource Technology Needs for A Growing FinTech firm

best online brokers

In “FinTech”, technology is at least half the battle. As new FinTech firms move up to cruising speed, there is a temptation to develop that technology in house. Proprietary trading platforms allow differentiation in a crowded market, or so the logic goes. Being a platfrom-as-a-service provider we, at ETNA, hear this every day to the…

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ETNA Trader Mobile v.2.31 is released: what’s new

Mobile Trading Platform

Check the new version of ETNA Trader Mobile Trading Application in the AppStore and GooglePlay markets. Along with general usability and performance improvements we have added some cool new features for a delightful trading experience on the go. We are sure both traders and our client brokers will benefit from these new additions to our…

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