White Label Web Trading Platform

ETNA Web Trading Platform is a next generation all-in-one web trader software for broker-dealers and FinTech firms designed for trading equities and options online. Lightning fast HTML5 trading user interface delivers personalized trading experience on-the-go. Web based trading platform runs in any browser on any device, no downloads or complex installations required. Trade from anywhere: charts, watchlists, analytics. Personalize trading dashboards with drag'n'drop flexible layout and "widget designer" to seamlessly connect to third party web applications.

  • Mix and match pre-integrated parameters and trading tools;
  • Create unlimited tabs and dashboard combinations;
  • Add proprietary widgets, extensions and custom design themes;
  • Easily plug in 3rd party trading tools and apps with widget designer;
  • Use API to further extend trading and analytics capabilities of ETNA Web Trader

Web Trading Platform Key Features

Live Market Data and Watchlists

white label stock trading software
  • Create Multiple Stock Watchlists from either web or mobile platform that sync in real time
  • Real time price quotes on web and mobile
  • Take advantage of pre-set watchlists like Top 50 Performers or program your own conditions to filter stocks
  • Trade from watchlists
  • Link watchlists with other web widgets
  • Customize watchlist information columns and filter up and down

Level II - Depth of Market

  • Level II Depth of Market Widget
  • Time stamped history of all transactions
  • Available in web trading platform and mobile app
  • Make trades directly through the order book
  • Configurable columns interface
level II market depth data

News and Content

  • Plug in the news source of your preference via API, RSS, XML
  • Use widget designer to iframe web content like streaming TV, analytics and so much more
  • Create a customized trading content dashboard as 1-2-3. No programming skills required.

Options Trading

option chain simulator
opton trading
  • Option Chains. View implied volatility with greeks. Customize data columns to display preferred data. All available in web trading platform.
  • Easily find bid, ask and midpoint quotes, and implied volatility.
  • Profit-and-Loss Strategy Analysis. Our P/L calculator allows clients to chart the profit-and-loss potential of their trades before they invest.
  • Option Optimizer automatically re-calculates buying power and margin requirements to strengthen your portfolio.
  • Probability Analysis. Probability calculator of the web trading platform updates in real time as users change strategies. Once the trader chooses their underlying security, they can set up to three target prices, add custom volatility, adjust days to expiration, see the probability of touching, finishing below, finishing between, or finishing above target prices
  • Multi-Leg Options. Allows clients to easily adjust their options strategy based on experience and risk tolerance, add stocks to the options ticket, set debit or credit for the limit price, choose duration and exchange. Multi-leg Options Trading available both in web trading platform and mobile apps.

Trade Alerts

stock prices alerts web trading platform

Monitor market on the go with real-time trade alerts. Price Alert engine allows to set up and manage alerts from any device, any time.

  • Create alerts from the watchlist or a dedicated 'price alerts' widget from the widgets menu
  • Pick from a variety of conditions and enable your clients to catch a trading opportunity and quickly react to market changes
  • Alerts in mobile trading platform sync with the web trading platform in real time.

Order Entry

  • Order Types. From simple trader order to sophisticated conditional orders ETNA web trading platform has it all.
  • Trade from anywhere. Web Trading Platform allows placing orders with a simple click from anywhere in the platform.
  • Trade Ticket Widget easily iframed into websites and apps
  • Order Status. Filter orders by order status and order type, view last order modification, order status info data columns are customizable.

Custom Order Routing

  • Customized order routing in a web-based trading platform
  • Choose where buy and sell orders are routed for execution
  • Select an execution venue depending on asset classes
  • Designate which account or order types are eligible for customized order routing
custom order routing, smart order routing

Live Charts

  • Live quotes and streaming data updated tick by tick in web trading platform and mobile trading applications
  • Configurable latency for use with retail and high frequency trading algorithms
  • Customizable. Change indicator, chart type, header and grid colors. Use chart settings to customize timeframes and perform deep historical analysis. Chart types include:
    • Candlestick
    • Bar
    • Line
    • OHLC
    • CSV Table View
  • Indicators. Web Trading Platform comes with dozens of technical indicators out of the box, including but not limited to:
    • Bollinger bands
    • MACD
    • Stochastic oscillator
    • On Balance Volume (OBV)
    • Relative strength index (RSI)
  • Drawing Tools. Drawing tools such as Fibonacci, trend lines, text, circle and more can be used individually or simultaneously.
  • Compare. Overlay multiple securities on the chart to compare indices to single stocks
  • Trade from charts. Double click on the chart to place orders.
broker trading software
web trading platform charts

Digital Account Opening and Funding

Account Opening, account funding, digital onboarding, digital account opening api

Streamline clients onboarding process with ETNA Digital Account Opening and Funding API. Allow to open investment accounts digitally from web or mobile trading apps using convenient API and customizable interface.

  • Modern digital account opening and funding API
  • Easy digital client onboarding for wealth management firms and broker-dealers
  • Pre-certified with multiples custodians or may be integrated into a new infrastructure
  • Built-in KYC and risk management tools for automated compliance
  • Multi-tiered configurable application approval process
  • Account Funding API


Create personalized trading dashboards for more convenient trading experience.

  • Layout. Drag-and-drop interface allows you to repurpose the workspace to your specific needs. Changes are automatically saved in real time, or you can lock a dashboard change
  • Use one or several monitors simultaneously
  • Dynamic, automatically resized elements as users zoom in and out
  • Customize widgets with a widget designer API
  • Themes. Pick a color theme from several pre-set designs available. New skins and themes can be added using our API
  • Widget Designer. Allows 3rd party developers to showcase their trading apps to other traders who use the platform and facilitates more trading decisions with actionable content. Traders are more engaged as all the tools are easily accessible from one central point. Bring seamless user experience to your traders.
broker trading software
web trader platform light


online trading simulator
  • User Groups and Permissions. Create premium content, features, themes and configure access to execution venues. Permissions can be set on a group and individual levels and designate access to: widgets, exchanges, chart types, indicators
  • White Label Sub-Instances. Easily create multiple brands for your platform: change logo, default theme, platform layout and colors. Track and manage all sub-instance users from one point.
  • User support. Live blotter with all support requests, feedback and inquires. Easy integration of customer service web apps.

Why ETNA Web trading platform?

Boost Trading Activity

Introduce new exciting technology to your traders. Add 3rd party apps to give traders freedom to choose their favorite tools without leaving the platform: stock screeners, social trading, sentiments, radio, TV and podcast broadcasts, premium content, custom indicators and other analytics. Encourage more trading decisions.

Simulated Trading

Offer "try before you buy" tools for investors with a virtual trading application. Create simulated trading competitions to acquire new clients and increase customer loyalty of existing clients. Learn new strategies and polish existing skills. Quick switch between live and virtual trading account.

Device Neutral System

Web based trading platform is built on HTML5 and design to be used with any web browser. No more annoying updates, downloads and compatibility issues. Whether you are on MacBook or Windows operated device, ETNA web trading platform is up and running.

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