ETNA's APIs for FinTech Developers

ETNA has been working with financial services companies and FinTech developers for over 13 years. We have created social trading platforms and OMS and Back Office solutions, mobile trading front-ends and sophisticated web trading platforms for professional investors. We offer a wealth of expertise to the FinTech developers community.

ETNA's set of APIs for FinTech Developers serve as a framework and building LEGOs enabling companies to launch world class financial products and services faster and cheaper.

Robo-Advisor APIs

Are you a FinTech Startup or have a great idea?


API and SDK Documentation

Focus on Your Unique Value Proposition

FinTech is dominating the startup scene all over the world. Be the edge that investors are searching;  focus on your unique value proposition that will differentiate you from others. Financial Services industry is heavily regulated, and there are only so many ways a programmer can design a watch list, account summary, news feed or chart. Take advantage of ETNA's set of APIs for FinTech Developers to save time and money. Too many startups fall in the trap of "re-inventing the wheel" instead of realigning existing proven technology components to propel business forward faster.

FinTech Startups can streamline core operations, shorten their route to market, save investors money and focus on business growth through leveraging ETNA's adaptive REST API and Widget Designer.


Over the years we have gained massive FinTech expertise that we incorporated into ETNA Trader's set of APIs for FinTech Developers. ETNA provides strategic technical advisory to FinTech Startups every step of the way. Having a helpful guide by your side is an invaluable resource – one that can help you navigate ambiguous and complex systems and regulations.

Developer Support

ETNA was founded from the ground up by developers, and supporting our fellow tradesman is a top priority. Our API for FinTech Developer comes with detailed documentation and our 24/7 email support is ready to answer any questions.

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Best Practices

ETNA Trader Framework Features

Multi-Asset Classes:

  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrencies

Complex Order Types

  • Trailing Stop & Trailing Stop Limit
  • OCO (One Cancels Other)
  • OTO (One Triggers Other)

Automated Post-Trade Reporting

  • Daily OATS reports
  • Morning (SOD) and end-of-day (EOD) files
  • Drop-copy alerts following the completion of every time-execution report.

Multiple Execution Venues

  • Select different brokers for different asset classes
  • Create groups of securities for custom order routing
  • Receive orders from other execution management systems (EMS)
  • Smart order routing

Customizable Reports

  • Trader usage report
  • Moneyline report
  • Commission report
  • Balances & holding report
  • Order report
  • Position report
  • Performance-fee report

Paper Trading Engine

  • Allows clients to try before they buy
  • Risk-free strategy testing
  • Creates contests and giveaways 
  • Great for educational institutions
  • Level II emulation
  • Order execution in accordance with quotes from exchange