White Label Paper Trading Platform

Paper Trading Platform is a virtual trading software that offers life like execution for ETF, equities and options without any risk. Designed for brokers, trading schools and educators white label paper trading software enables the launch of a fully branded and functional online trading simulator within days. Educators could start training the next generation of investors with the modern technology, brokers attract new clients with the new tech and no risk to capital. Add your logo, customize dashboards, plug in your unique content, configure trading rules and keep track of your students success in real time. White label web trading simulator is a perfect tool to engage your traders and attract new clients.

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Why ETNA Stock Trading Simulator?

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Lifelike Paper Trading Platform

ETNA Paper Trading software simulates stock trading under real world conditions.

  • Equities and Options
  • ETFs and Spreads
  • Streaming Level I and II quotes
  • Streaming charts with drawing tools
  • Real-time Order Execution

White Label

100% White Label Platform-as-a-Service, no strings attached. Create a custom link, choose your layout, add your logo and colors, select the language fit for your audience, add educational content and more. Our clients launch their fully branded custom online educational platform within days at a fraction of a cost.

White Label Trading Software
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Convenient Usage-based Pricing

We strongly believe our business success depends on our clients' success, that's why our business model and pricing is aligned with our clients' growth. ETNA Paper Trader features non-conventional pay-per-use monthly plans tied to the activity in the platform.

Paper Trading Options

Trade options, including multi leg, with ETNA Paper Trading Platform, a versatile options trading simulator by ETNA. Features include:

  • Option Chains
  • Multi Leg Options
  • Options Strategies and Spreads
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Customizable Trading Experience

Paper trading platform that offers customizable drag'n'drop user interface to create unique trading experiences and dashboards with no programming skills required:

  • Plug in 3rd party Content  and Analytics
  • Use Multiple Brands
  • Localization (Multi Language Support)
  • Web based and Mobile Applications. No downloads, no installation required
  • Any OS support, including Linux and MacOS

Simulated Compliance and Broker Back Office

Broker Back Office portal allows to manage in a simulated mode trading rules, user permissions and access, compliance, trading websites and more:

  • Simulated Compliance: Reg-T, Margin Requirements and Buying Power
  • Risk Management: Pattern Day Trader, Fat Finger, Free Riding
  • Different Trading Account Support: Cash/Margin/Day Trader
  • Rules Engine: Set up your own Risk or Game Rules
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Gamification and Educational Tools

Educator? Make the process of becoming a stock trader more engaging by introducing online trading contests and competitions and reward top performers in your paper trading platform with a click of a mouse:

  • Find out top performers
  • Real-time Performance tracking
  • Organize contests and competitions with a click of a mouse
  • Profit/Loss Tracking

We proudly support financial education at:

API and WebSocket

Get access to our market leading API for managing trade lifecycle, extracting trading data and building innovative trading applications:

  • Rest API
  • Test Trading Algorithms via API
  • Collect/track trading data via API for business intelligence
  • Custom WidgetDesigner Module
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Hot Keys

ETNA Paper Trading Platform provides rich shortcut functionality to users who would like to streamline their trading routine with hotkeys. Need to buy a security or cancel all active orders with a single press of a key? — ETNA Trader enables you to configure such shortcuts for various events. 

  • 14 preset hot keys for faster trading
  • Create new actions and hot keys combinations
  • Modify existing hot keys

6 Smart Ways for Brokers to Use Paper Trading Software

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Paper Trading Makes Investing Less Intimidating

Investing is vital for wealth management and prosperity. Investing in stocks can be intimidating for new investors. Many new investors worry they’ll suffer steep losses or that their strategies will fail. Stock trading has a high learning curve. Help more people to become investors by providing a safe tool to learn and practice.

Show Off Your Brokerage Platform

Want to show off the amazing user interface and experience of your platform? In a competitive market of trading platforms it is becoming more difficult to convince potential customers that yours is the one. Reduce the risks and make the entry point really easy for your potential clients with paper trading software.

Paper Trading Platform as a Tool to Attract Individual Investors

How can you get new clients to sign up for your platform? Paper trading might be the answer. The would-be investors can use simulator to test the platform, market and their strategies without any risk. Many investors are quick to test strategies and to make bold moves. This helps them grow into confident investors who could turn into good clients for a firm.

Reach Digital Natives - Millennials and Gen Z

The largest cohort in the United States and many other countries, millennials are tech savvy but highly reluctant to invest. Paper trading software is great for reaching out to millennials and teaching them that investing might be profitable and not as complicated as they paint it. Once they realize how easy tech-enabled stock trading is, they’ll be more likely to convert into clients. And when it comes to converting millennials, there is often no better sales method than trying the product first.

Let Investors Test Your Services

Paper trading allows potential clients to test out brokerage service, platform and offering. If you offer market research reports, you can provide trial access to your reports and allow to use a paper trading platform to test concepts out. As investors see positive results, they’ll be more likely to convert to paying customers. It is a great strategy for wealth managers to build trust and showcase their services at the same time.

Increase Client's Engagement

Your existing clients may benefit from paper trading software as well. Many investors limit their investments to small amounts of risk capital. With paper trading software, they can continue to practice investing and test their bravest ideas, minus the risks. You can also take advantage of gamification to launch trading competitions or games among current investors to find who is the fastest, most socially responsible or risk averse investors. Such things increase customer interaction with the brand, and as a result the level of loyalty improves too.