Trade A.I.

Advanced Analytics for Stocks and Options Trading

What successful traders have in common is the ability to mitigate risk by assessing proper expectations.

Trade A.I. is  a Trading Analytics Intelligence platform developed by our partners that allows traders to receive comprehensive probability analysis and make trade decisions based on calculated risk assessments.

Designed for Stocks, Options and Currency this sophisticated analytics platform is built based on a new methodology of calculating probabilities that relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Get access to Machine Learning through our proprietary Statistical modeling engine that gives clients competitive advantage in these unprecedented volatility times.

Trade A.I. Options Analyzer

Trading Ideas

Trading Ideas

Scans the market in real-time and provides several lists of ideas to help traders with starting points in finding profitable trades.

Provides rating of past behavior and future predictions based on Stock Trend Analysis and Options Sentiment.

Automatically builds Option trades for the different perceptions of the future underlying asset behavior.

Trading Analytics

Build and Analyze a Trade

Trade A.I. was primarily developed to meet the needs of Professional and Institutional Traders as well as self-directed Retail Investors.

A trader has the ability to build and analyze any multi-leg trades by selecting Buy/Sell in the Option Matrix.

The results table facilities a trading decision for the trader using multiple probabilities for better comprehension of the risk associated with the trade.

Probability Matrix

Probability Matrix

The platform incorporates data science and machine learning to continuously generate and refine probability values.

For Covered Call / Put writers, who want to create cash flow out of an existing stock portfolio and simultaneously not be called out of their positions, comprehensive probability analysis for each individual strike, using the Probability Matrix, is imperative.

Trade A.I. Stock Analyzer

Stock market provides a vast quantity of opportunities on a daily basis, and it can be a real challenge to find the right trade for you.

Within Stock Analyzer, the Trading Ideas feature provides an origination point for a trader to build and analyze their trade.

This is not an advisory service, or list of recommended trades. It’s a refined starting point that matches your risk criteria.

From Trading Ideas, a trader no longer has a search challenge, instead they have an investment opportunity.


Trade A.I. Currency Analyzer

Trend Analysis Provides Simple Short- and Long-Term Rating

Currency Analyzer applies a new methodology that converts Historical pricing, Volatility and  Technical trend analysis indicators into functional probability values that yield a simple rating system.

Traders can improve their portfolio risk management using our intuitive rating system.

Currency Analyzer allows deep dive on probability results by outlining two probability types:

  • At the End of the set Time Bar
  • Before or On the End time Bar