Online Trading Simulator

ETNA Trader

Award-winning white label trading platform

  • Customizable HTML5 Trading Terminal
  • iOS and Android Mobile Trading Terminal
  • Cloud-based Middle and Back Office
  • APIs and Widget Designer for FinTech Developers
Customizable Trading Front End

ETNA Trading Terminal

White Label Web Trading Frontend 

  • Advanced cross-device HTML5 GUI
  • 100% Customizable Layout
  • Live Streaming Quotes and Charts
  • Multi Asset and Paper Trading Support
Online Trading Simulator

ETNA Back Office

White Label Middle and Back Office Software for Broker-Dealers

  • Full Admin Privileges in a Web-based Solution
  • Built-in Compliance and Reporting Tools
  • Market Data, Execution, Clearing neutral
  • Deployed in the cloud or clients' servers 
Back Office
Back Office

ETNA Trader Mobile

White Label Mobile Trading Terminals

  • Live Streaming Quotes 
  • Level 2 Data Support
  • Advanced Live Charts
  • Complex Order Types
Back Office


OMS API for Robo Advisors and FinTech Firms

REST-based OMS API with Back Office takes care of trade execution and automates pre- and post- trade operations while you can focus on core business activities.


White Label Web Trading Platform with Cloud Back Office

Broker Dealers

 Stay competitive with the best trading technology while minimizing IT costs. Deliver convenient trading experience and increase trading volumes. Pay-per-use pricing plans and 24/6 support.

Robo Advisors

Focus on your unique value proposition and algorithms while ETNA takes care of trading components. Automate records-keeping and control user access with Cloud Back Office. Accelerate the launch of new business.

Trading Firms

Customize ETNA Trader to fit your specific business needs. Connect to your preferred data and analytics partners. Personalize platform with web widget-based trading terminal. Control user access via Back Office.

Our Clients

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White Label Technology for Online Broker Dealers, Robo Advisors and Trading Firms

ETNA provides a front to back software solution to run an online brokerage business. ETNA's brokerage suite includes  white label Web and Mobile Trading Front Ends, OMS, Middle and Back Office. Our expert technology team help customizing the platform and connect to 3rd party execution, clearing and market data providers of our clients' choice.

Rabo-Advisor Startups use ETNA OMS with Rest API and Back Office to accelerate the launch of their product and services and focus their development efforts on unique algorithms and user experience. ETNA's white label technology takes care of execution, pre-trade and post-trade risk, margin requirements, account balances, trade allocations, compliance and reporting, communication via FIX protocol, reconciliation of account information with the executing/clearing broker and many other essential functionality.