CAT and CAIS reporting

ETNA releases solution for CAT CAIS reporting

ETNA is pleased to introduce its latest solution for CAT CAIS reporting. As per regulatory obligations, all Industry Members must report customer and account information to CAT CAIS for all active accounts. In response to this requirement, our team at ETNA has developed a solution to assist our clients in meeting these reporting demands.

After undergoing beta-testing sessions over several months, we are delighted to announce the successful verification of our solution. It is now available for public use, ensuring compliance and streamlined reporting for our clients.

What is CAIS?

CAIS, short for the Customer and Account Information System, constitutes a separate database dedicated to the submission of customer and account data. Unlike the transactional CAT reporting, CAIS focuses specifically on gathering information such as account holder personal data, LTIDs and FDIDs data, and Industry Member identification.

How does it work?

ETNA provides a solution featuring both API integration and a user-friendly interface to collect and securely store all the necessary information. Additionally, our platform incorporates an automatic reporting module, enabling the generation and delivery of required CAT CAIS reports on a daily basis.

For added security and data protection, clients have the option to set up data storage and processing directly within their virtual private cloud.

To onboard our new ETNA CAT CAIS service, please reach out to our sales team, who will be more than happy to assist you.