ETNA Trader Mobile Edition Release

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, June 13, 2013. ETNA is proud to announce the release of ETNA Trader ME, a white labeled mobile trading platform designed for banks, broker-dealers, and other electronic trading service providers. The platform is entirely neutral and easy for re-labeling enabling electronic trading providers to offer mobile trading capabilities to their end users without having to invest in the development of new technology and infrastructure.

The new ETNA Trader ME is a mobile extension of the ground-breaking web trading platform ETNA Trader 2.0., and can be offered as a part of it or integrated into any existing trading environment. It comes with a ready-to-use broker neutral front-end and can be connected to any existing trading platform. Moreover, this cloud-hosted platform is scalable to the volumes of data that clients need to process which makes it extremely cost-efficient in terms of IT infrastructure.

ETNA reports that the new versions of their innovative mobile trading applications are 100% re-brandable and customizable to reflect international markets and broker specifics, which makes it a perfect solution for brokers who offer international trading capabilities, or those interested in entering new markets. It allows broker-dealers and banks to have their own impressive mobile trading platform in a matter of days with minimum additional development costs. Currently, ETNA Trader ME is available on iOS- and Android-based smartphones and tablets.

ETNA Trader ME has all the advanced features of ETNA Trader 2.0., namely, real-time streaming quotes, unlimited personal watch lists, advanced customizable charts, and convenient trading capabilities. Developed using native technologies of iOS and Android platforms, ETNA`s mobile trading applications not only excel in terms of performance, but is also extremely user friendly with a highly intuitive design for an optimized trading experience. It enables end users to watch the markets 24/7 and adjust trading decisions on the go.

Professional traders and investors can now spot the market trends, seize excellent opportunities, trade, replace, or cancel orders –whether they’re waiting at the train station, on vacation, or out to lunch. This flexibility provides company brokers additional avenues for generating revenue as well as increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

ETNA has been consistently delivering superior financial business software solutions for more than 12 years. During this time, the premium quality of their products has earned the company numerous high-profile awards and recognitions, including receiving the #2 rank in usability by the prestigious Barron’s Magazine.

ETNA Trader ME is yet another example of ETNA putting experience and best industry practices into action. As one of the most recent products released by ETNA, this mobile trading platform combines vast years of experience with the most up-to-date technology available. This innovative product will meet and exceed the expectations of even the most demanding businesses.
To find out more about ETNA Trader ME or to request a demo app, visit the company website at .

About ETNA Trader 2.0
ETNA Trader 2.0. is an innovative online trading platform for broker-dealers, banks, and other electronic trading providers. It is one of the few trading platforms on the market that uses the advanced HTML5 technology. ETNA secures its position in the marketplace by offering this rare HTML5 application as a white label solution connected to 32 execution venues and 12 market data providers.

About ETNA
ETNA Software Corp. is one of the world’s leading financial software solutions and technology services providers. Headquartered in New York City, ETNA provides customizable solutions for online brokerage, execution, routing and crossing, clearing, compliance, risk management, back office automation, portfolio management and algo trading of all asset classes. ETNA`s products received numerous industry awards.