Accelerate the launch of your FinTech startup

Got an idea that's going to change the way people trade or invest? We can help! Contact us to learn more and get a free tech consultation.


We have worked on 100s of FinTech projects. Leverage ETNA's extensive trading technology as a base, customize with comprehensive SDK and extend tech capabilities via APIs.


We have helped many startups to accelerate launch, and we are here to help you. Learn from our experience, take advantage of our personalized mentorship to give your FinTech product the best chance at becoming successful.


We have been in the trading software development game for years and have made friends in FinTech all over the world. Join our growing community of FinTech entrepreneurs and next generation investors.

How does the program help me?

Mobile Trading Apps

Get your business up and running faster

In a competitive startups environment - time is of the essence. When there is a surging trend for certain products and services, it's important to get to market as fast as possible to test and validate your idea. Utilize ETNA's core trading technology components and APIs to shorten your route to market and concentrate on what really matters - clients acquisition and retention.

  • We offer guidance on the FinTech ecosystem, best practices, technology, and ways to validate your idea and create a scalable and repeatable business model;
  • We assist in customizing or extending ETNA's products to build your unique technology;
  • We help FinTech startups with industry introductions and forming valuable partnerships.