ETNA has access to one of the best financial technology developers team in the world. Whether you are looking to add a few extra people to boost the development of the existing product or service, or looking for a partner to launch a disruptive FinTech product or service from scratch, ETNA is a perfect match.

Our expert team of full stack financial technology developers brings 15+ years of proven experience developing world class award winning custom financial technology applications in such FinTech spheres as electronic trading, wealth management, exchange software, crypto currencies, behavioral trading, robo-advisors, broker's back office, regulation and compliance, digital payments, algorithmic trading and many more. From creating FinTech products prototypes to sophisticated high load distributed systems, ETNA has accumulated outstanding expertise in financial software development, and specifically electronic trading platforms.


  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • C#/.NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • iOS/Android
  • Mobile Applications
  • Cross-browser web frontends
  • UI/UX
  • RESTful APIs
  • High Load Systems
  • Cloud Systems
  • Amazon Web Services experts (AWS)
  • Trading Technology
  • RegTech (Compliance/Reports)
  • WealthTech and robo-advisors
  • Crypto Currencies and Blockchain
  • Big Data in FinTech
  • Business Intelligence (QlikView, Tableau)
  • Test Automation
  • Security Audit
  • Tech Support
  • Consulting


  • 200+ successful projects in FinTech
  • Extensive Expertise in Capital Markets and FinTech
  • Leverage a vast library of pre-developed components
  • 24/6 Email Technical Support
  • Flexible Pricing Models
  • From developers of award-winning software

Financial Technology Developers ChartsAll our experts are in-house full time financial technology developers experienced both in financial software development and electronic trading and FinTech. Trading platforms  developed by ETNA Team are regularly featured on Barron's Best Online Brokers List and has been a staple in the industry for years.

ETNA's ready-to-use technology solutions for broker-dealers, robo-advisors, trading firms and online trading schools and educators help financial services businesses stay competitive by using the latest and greatest in FinTech since 2002. Our award winning team of seasoned financial technology developers pick the optimal technology to ensure the fastest route to market.  ETNA's access to diverse top-notch resources and knowledge base allow us to reuse a lot of pre-built components, like building "LEGOs" and save our clients' precious time and money. We love working with FinTech startups!

Our financial technology developers can help to break down the idea  into milestones, write technical specifications, create prototypes, do audits of the existing code, offer quality assurance and test automation services. All of that accompanied by our exclusive expertise in financial services and trading technology.