Introducing ETNA Trader BackOffice Summer 2021 Update

Platform updates in August:

We have improved the structure of the BackOffice interface, optimized the use of RAM and made other improvements.


What’s new in ETNA platform:

  • BackOffice was entirely ported to html5
  • designed the interfaces for users with disabilities
  • perfected the structure of the interface
  • improved the security of operations and critical data
  • optimized memory usage on servers

and other improvements.

Porting the platform to html5.

This ensured a higher speed of operation of the platform BackOffice-interfaces in general and faster loading in particular when using a mobile data connection.

The BackOffice tools are now accessible from any browser and on any platform you used to work with.

Enhancements in UX and restructuring of the Back-office user interface made the platform more user-friendly. Yet, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We eagerly await your feedback and comments on other improvements you expect to be made.

Improved security and data protection.

The use of modern technologies in designing and implementing html5 interfaces significantly increases data security in the event of client-side attacks.

Optimized use of server resources allows saving on processing power and reducing the operating costs for platform users when hosting the product on their own servers.

We are constantly improving the tools so as to make it easier for users to work with the platform with every new release.

Deployment of new versions to AWS servers is performed step-by-step on a per-client basis. Please contact your account manager, if you are interested in speeding up the implementation of new BackOffice interfaces.