Management Roles on the ETNA Trader: Administrators, Supervisors, and Operators


At ETNA, we acknowledge the importance of well-defined roles in ensuring the smooth operation of broker activities.

To facilitate this, we have established three key management roles within our platform, each designed with specific responsibilities and access levels to address the varied needs of our platform’s ecosystem:

Administrators: The Comprehensive Platform Managers

Administrators are overseeing and configuring the entire platform. They have unrestricted access to all platform areas, enabling them to oversee, manage, and ensure the optimal performance and security of the system.

Supervisors: The Specific Account Managers

Supervisors are managing specific client accounts to which they are assigned. For example, consider a scenario with multiple account managers, each handling their own set of clients. These account managers assume the Supervisor role and are assigned exclusively to those particular client accounts. Consequently, they are authorized to manage only those specific accounts and do not have access to any other accounts on the platform.

Operators: The General Account Managers

Operators, much like Supervisors, serve as account managers within the platform. However, their role extends significantly in scope. Unlike Supervisors, who are restricted to managing specific client accounts, Operators are granted the capability to access and manage every account on the platform. This universal access empowers them to oversee a wide range of accounts, ensuring a consistent and comprehensive approach to account management across the entire platform.

We have created a comprehensive role comparison table to provide you with an understanding of the responsibilities associated with each role.