5 Easy Ways to Introduce Startups to the World

Recently we have been focusing a lot on FinTech startups strategies. The startup boom and FinTech revolution have created a whole new market of tools to introduce startups to the world faster and on the budget. Nowadays, there are plenty of things you can do to ease the transition to starting a new company. You can take advantage of software and platforms that help do some of your essential tasks for you. For example, those in the financial markets; platforms like ETNA Trader that enable FinTech startups to use ready-to-use white label trading terminals and other trading infrastructure tools to simplify what could be huge financial investments.

And there are other ins and outs to creating a successful business that can quickly hamper your ability to focus on building the real value and your customers instead of operational stuff. For example, you might not have put thought into how your social media presence can help introduce startups to your potential markets faster and on the budget. But if you don’t create a content marketing strategy that includes social media, you’re probably missing out on customers and sales.

So how do you identify and reach those markets to make your new company a success? Our colleagues at Ghergich, a social media and content marketing expert, and SalesForce Canada co-wrote an excellent article with beautiful infographic about this. So, use the ideas and hands-on tips in this graphic to get started.

introduce startups

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