ETNA Trader is a finalist at the Benzinga Fintech Awards 2018

We are honored to become a finalist of the Benzinga FinTech Awards 2018. It is the 4th year of nomination for ETNA Trader, a white label trading platform for brokers and digital advisors. Benzinga FinTech Awards was launched in 2015 to recognize financial technology companies and startups, mainly in the online investing, trading and digital…

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3 Steps to Launch a Robo-Advisor Software Platform and Bring your Business Online

robo advisor software

From high-frequency trading to long-term investing, computer algorithms are taking over online investment sector at a breathtaking speed. The modern technology, exponential growth of AI and machine learning has made it possible for wealth managers to provide digital financial advice using robo-advisor software to their clients and created a whole new division in FinTech – WealthTech. Since…

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5 Reasons To Outsource Technology Needs for A Growing FinTech firm

best online brokers

In “FinTech”, technology is at least half the battle. As new FinTech firms move up to cruising speed, there is a temptation to develop that technology in house. Proprietary trading platforms allow differentiation in a crowded market, or so the logic goes. Being a platfrom-as-a-service provider we, at ETNA, hear this every day to the…

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5 Easy Ways to Introduce Startups to the World


Recently we have been focusing a lot on FinTech startups strategies. The startup boom and FinTech revolution have created a whole new market of tools to introduce startups to the world faster and on the budget. Nowadays, there are plenty of things you can do to ease the transition to starting a new company. You can take…

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Why more FinTech Startups Outsource their tech needs?

Fintech Startups Outsource

This month we are launching a series of articles talking about why FinTech startups outsource more and more of their tech needs. Being for 15+ years in software development, including software development outsourcing and SaaS, we can clearly see the trend is going up: more and more FinTech startups outsource technology to stay competitive and efficient in the fast paced…

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6 Top FinTech Events to attend this spring

Top FinTech Events

Spring is one of the busiest time of the year for the events across all industries. We put together a list of top fintech events not to miss if you are interested in FinTech, trading technology, startups and innovation.  This is an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders and learn more about current trends. If you are…

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Mobile Apps are Key for Financial Inclusion

Mobile Trading Platform

Why FinTech startups shall think of going  mobile first and how companies reimagine financial inclusion via mobile devices? When people think about the FinTech revolution, it’s natural to imagine a western or eastern country filled with innovation. The United States and China, for example, are top of mind whenever people speak on the evolvingFinTech environment. It’s hard to…

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Roman Zhukov’s Interview for Accern


Roman Zhukov, CEO and Founder of ETNA Trader, and innovative trading technology suite for brokers, has been recently interviewed by Accern, a real-time AI platform that helps investors make educated investment decisions by notifying them on important stock-related stories. Roman shared recent news about ETNA and its products, shed some light on how the idea…

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5 Tips to Pick a White Label Trading Software

What is white label trading software and why the rising number of FinTech frims switch to this model? It’s a lesson that mass-market retailers learned a generation ago: white label products sell. Grocery stores offer store-brand versions of everything from cereal to pasta sauce for less than the bigger names, consumer electronics retailers sell customers on lower…

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