Automate Broker Fee Management with ETNA’s Fees & Credits


Manual fee application can be tiring and error-prone. With ETNA’s Fees & Credits, you can make it a breeze: simply create a schedule, and the platform will automatically apply fees to your clients’ trading accounts.

With ETNA’s Fees & Credits You Can

  • Create Flexible Fee Structures: Customize fee plans for different account types, tailoring your approach to specific account characteristics.
  • Offer Event-Based Promotions: Initiate promotional campaigns with account credits for specific actions or events, automating the distribution of promotional credits to eligible clients.
  • Implement Event-Based Penalties: Set up automated penalty rules for specific account actions, ensuring clients are charged according to predefined criteria.
  • Charge One-time Fees: Easily apply one-time fees, such as those for personalized risk assessments, with a simple fee request.
  • Apply One-time Credits: Credit clients for specific events, like transferring their account from another broker.

How Does it Work?

Picture this: you provide outstanding analytical services to your clients, but it’s not free. In order to use it, your clients have to pay 10 USD per month. There is a list of clients who opted in for the service. Now, you have to automatically charge them a 10 USD fee on a monthly basis.

To do that, navigate to the “Fees & Credits Rules” sub-tab within the Dashboard widget in the back office, and create a rule that schedules and applies fees to that client list.

Once the rule is triggered, the fee request appears in a dedicated widget, allowing you to audit all automatically generated fee requests.

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Say goodbye to manual fee headaches and embrace the efficiency of ETNA’s Fees & Credits.