Mobile Apps are Key for Financial Inclusion

Mobile Trading Platform

Why FinTech startups shall think of going  mobile first and how companies reimagine financial inclusion via mobile devices? When people think about the FinTech revolution, it’s natural to imagine a western or eastern country filled with innovation. The United States and China, for example, are top of mind whenever people speak on the evolvingFinTech environment. It’s hard to…

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Successful Robo-Advisor Companies Rely on OMS APIs

Robo-Advisor API

Find out how robo-advisor OMS API helps wealth tech companies launch faster and run more efficiently along with what an API really is. Did you know that 90 percent of Uber’s technology isn’t custom? Instead, the company’s code is built on top of APIs provided by platforms such as Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Sounds crazy, but…

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5 Tips to Pick a White Label Trading Software

What is white label trading software and why the rising number of FinTech frims switch to this model? It’s a lesson that mass-market retailers learned a generation ago: white label products sell. Grocery stores offer store-brand versions of everything from cereal to pasta sauce for less than the bigger names, consumer electronics retailers sell customers on lower…

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ETNA will be at the 2015 International Traders Expo in New York

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2015 International Traders Expo, a three-day event starting on February 28th and ending March 2nd at the Marriott Marquis in New York. Come see us at Booth 5306! Throughout the event we will be showcasing ETNA Trader, a white label and fully customizable online…

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Bitcoin & Exchanges – A Quick Primer

  What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin. What is it? Bitcoin (known as BTC or XBT) is a decentralized, completely peer-to-peer, digital asset (some say currency, some say commodity) based on open source software that runs on millions of computers all around the globe. Being decentralized, there is no organization, bank, or government that controls Bitcoin. Any…

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5 Reasons to Stop Building Trading Technology from Scratch

  For reasons we cannot fathom, broker-dealers and FinTech firms are under the impression that buying a turn-key trading platform isn’t affordable. It seems like only a small clandestine group of tech-savvy Wall Streeters are aware that building a trading platform from scratch is more resource intensive and time consuming due to the plethora of…

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ETNA Trader disrupts the FinTech scene by allowing developer piggybacking to drive innovation

ETNA challenges the conventional approach to creating financial technology applications and opens their code to FinTech firms looking to build new software. ETNA, a trading platform provider traditionally catering to broker-dealers, announced today that it is partnering with FinTech Startups as well as well established financial services firms launching new software based on ETNA’s Platform.…

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QuickFIX creators honored with awards from FIX Trading Community

The FIX Trading Community standards group honored with awards the QuickFIX creators from Connamara Systems and Thoughtworks for their roles in establishing the QuickFIX Open Source Project.The Financial Information eXchange (“FIX”) Protocol was developed in 1992 as a result of collaboration by select participants from worldwide banks, broker-dealers, exchanges, industry associations, institutional investors, and information technology providers.…

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Startup Financial Services Companies Come Of Age

With one eye on businesses abandoned in the wake of the financial crisis and the other on a new generation of investors, startup companies are now raising significant sums to challenge the hegemony of big banks and investment firms. Since the beginning of 2013, venture investors committed over $800 million in new funding to develop…

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