ETNA Software announces the finalization of a “Wheel” feature for ChoiceTrade broker/dealer online trading platform. The “Wheel” allows traders to build up algo trading solutions in a simple and user friendly interface adapted for web technologies and suitable for even inexperienced traders.

“We are glad to have developed a “Wheel” feature that distinguishes ChoiceTrade from its competitors,” said Roman Zhukov, CEO of ETNA Software. “It is a powerful algo building mechanism with high potential.”
The “Wheel” allows traders to set pre-trade and post-trade conditions for order or strategy execution. Up to 6 orders can be set into the execution cycle which is graphically designed in a wheel form. The feature supports drag-n-drop functions, wheel-configuration sharing with other traders and conditional events notification.

“We continue to introduce simple yet powerful trading instruments for our traders that expand their trading opportunities and allow them to build very complex trading strategies,” said Neville Golvala, CEO of ChoiceTrade.

The “Wheel” was mentioned by Barron’s Magazine in its 17th annual ranking of online brokers: “…one interesting feature is the ability to stage orders and set up very complex contingencies in the Wheel. The Wheel lets you define a series of conditions that can turn it into either a short-term scalping engine, or a long-term profit managing engine. It’s a great step forward for the order-entry process. The options chain displays the intrinsic value of a contract on the screen, which is a unique feature…”

About ChoiceTrade

Headquartered in central New Jersey, ChoiceTrade has had the distinction of achieving four stars in Barron’s six times.

Its management team includes individuals with extensive experience in the securities industry. Being at the forefront, and playing a leading roles in the technological and regulatory initiatives that shape the industry, provide the insight necessary to fulfill the firm’s ‘one-step-ahead’ approach to the products it offers.

As an advanced-technology securities brokerage firm that has been in business since 2000, ChoiceTrade caters to active, self-directed traders. The Firm is committed to making available the most state-of-the-art tools–tools that give its customers their best opportunities for realizing success in their trading strategies. Each trading platform that the Firm offers is geared toward a specific trading style.

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