ETNA Trader disrupts the FinTech scene by allowing developer piggybacking

ETNA challenges the conventional approach to creating financial technology applications and opens their code to FinTech firms looking to build new software

NEW YORK, New York – August 25, 2014 – ETNA, a trading platform provider traditionally catering to broker-dealers, announced today that it is partnering with FinTech startups as well as established financial services firms looking to launch new software. Having noticed an up-tick in development costs over recent years as consumer expectations grow, ETNA’s goal is to lower the buy-in for new and established FinTech firms looking to create new technologies. Their platform has already facilitated the successful launch of FinTech startups Tradier and ETRE Financial, and is now being offered to a broader market.

“We encourage entrepreneurs to create new technology products and services without the need to take out a second mortgage or sell a kidney” commented Roman Zhukov, CEO at ETNA. “Many of the components that go into FinTech are very similar. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and spend millions of dollars when someone has already done it and is willing to share the rewards.”

ETNA’s FinTech Partner Program offers a plug and play system comprised of:

“As the FinTech industry becomes more saturated, companies that produce quality products with speed and agility will win the race,” said Roman Zrazhevskiy, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at ETNA. “FinTech companies will change their strategy as capital procurement becomes more competitive. Investors are looking to get more for less, building new tech from scratch is pricey and becoming a thing of the past.”

ETNA has been creative in structuring partnerships by offering revenue sharing or equity models on a case-by-case basis. Along with providing technology, ETNA advises their partners to maximize marketing initiatives and effectively leverage its code to build unique value propositions.

About ETNA
Founded in 2002, ETNA is the creator of ETNA Trader, one of a few technologically advanced broker neutral trading platforms available for white-labeling. Having developed technology for both well established companies like SAXO Bank, SogoTrade, and Blaze Portfolio Systems, ETNA has also recently facilitated the launch of FinTech startups ETRE and Tradier. For more information about ETNA’s products and services, check out, or call (855) 779-7171. For latest industry news and company updates follow @etnasoft on Twitter.