ETNA Stock Trading API

Stock Trading API simplifies trade management for portfolio managers, digital advisors and roboadvisors. ETNA stock trading API automates trade submissions, reporting, trade allocations and track order statuses, positions and account balances. ETNA's stock trading API offers multi-asset trading functionality and is seamlessly integrated and easily configurable to fit into pre-existing environment. Leverage years of trading technology experience and choose  ETNA Stock Trading API to launch new online investing products or enhance existing offerings.

Stock trading api

What is stock trading API?


Lifeblood of Online Investing and Wealth Management Businesses

  • Automate trading operations
  • Monitors and manages trading activity in real time
  • Maintains positions
  • Downloads SOD (start-of-day) files from the clearing firm
  • Receives orders and routes them to the appropriate execution venue
  • Tracks the progress of each order through its lifecycle
  • Calculates buying power, margin requirements and account balances of each account in real time
  • Manages trade allocations
  • Sends Drop Copies to all appropriate receivers
  • Uploads EOD (end-of-day) trade files to the clearing firm and reports to regulators

Why ETNA Stock Trading API?


Key Features

  • Market Data-, Clearing- and Execution-Neutral OEMS (order and execution management system)
  • Infinitely customizable with multiple rule engines
  • Easy integration through RESTful API
  • Integrated Back Office application to manage users, accounts, positions, orders, margins, commissions, execution routes
  • Supports Multi-Leg Option strategies and their optimization
  • Trade Allocations, Fractional Shares Support
  • Virtual Exchange and simulated (paper) trading for educational, demo and testing purposes
  • Cloud hosted scalable platform-as-a-service

Why do I need an API?


REST-based API

  • Use best in class stock trading API as foundation to accelerate the launch of new business and reduce IT costs on maintenance and software development
  • Leverage years of trading technology experience with ETNA Stock Trading API
  • Intuitive REST-based API compatible with any programming language
  • Comprehensive documentation and email technical support 24/6
  • Get easy access to integrated real-time level 1 and level 2 market data
  • Take advantage of custom watch lists, user registration, account mapping and more.