ETNA Trader partners with Virtu Financial to offer advanced execution venue capabilities


The availability of multiple execution venues on our platform is essential for creating a more efficient, flexible, and profitable trading environment. Therefore, today we want to share exciting news about our partnership with Virtu Financial, a global leader in Execution Services.

About Virtu

Virtu Financial leads in market making and execution services, using advanced technology to provide liquidity and transparent trading solutions globally. Their expertise in market structure and execution technology ensures deep liquidity and competitive offerings across 25,000+ securities at 235+ venues. Transparency is key, advocating for market clarity to enhance decision-making and efficiency. Additionally, Virtu emphasizes social responsibility, with senior leaders driving volunteer efforts to support communities.

Benefits and capabilities through Virtu integration

This partnership brings a host of benefits, allowing users to trade with greater efficiency, precision, and control. Here are some of the specific advantages.

Trading Securities

Virtu allows trading of a wide range of securities. However, options trading is not available in the current implementation of the integration.

Extended Trading Hours

With Virtu, you can capitalize on market opportunities by trading in both Pre and Post market sessions. This feature is especially beneficial for those looking to trade on news or events that occur outside regular market hours.

Comprehensive Order Types

Virtu supports all order types, giving you the flexibility to execute your trading strategies exactly how you want. Whether it’s a simple limit order or a more complex conditional order, you have the tools at your disposal to trade your way.

‘All or None’ Orders

For traders who require complete order fulfillment, TINI Trader’s “All-or-Nothing” (AON) orders ensure complete execution or cancellation, preventing unwanted partial fills. This empowers traders with precise control over their order execution strategy.

Flexible Order Durations

Choose how long your orders stay active with DAY or GTC (Good Till Canceled) options. DAY orders expire at the end of the trading day, while GTC orders remain active until they are either executed or canceled, providing you with extended control over your trading activities.


As we integrate Virtu into our array of execution venues, we reinforce our commitment to providing you with superior trading solutions. Virtu’s addition is more than just an expansion of our services—it’s an opportunity for you to leverage state-of-the-art technology and enhanced market access to refine your trading strategies and achieve better outcomes. Explore the possibilities with Virtu and take your trading to the next level.