Web Broker Back Office for online brokers

ETNA Broker Back Office is web platform for broker-dealers and digital advisors designed to automate business processes from client interfacing, accounts custodian to regulatory requirements and compliance reporting.

ETNA Middle and Back Office powers broker-dealers and digital advisors with robust regulatory technology to ease the operations of an online brokerage or investment firm. With Middle and Back Office software brokers  can configure trading rules and platform settings, automate daily reporting and operations, keep record of trading activity and generate compliance reports.

ETNA's web Middle and Back Office software for online broker-dealers is a cloud solution that offers a complete access to brokerage no matter where you are. Invest in what really makes a difference for the business, while ETNA's support and technology ensure your business is running smoothly.


Key Features

Account Management

White Label Trading Platform
Back Office

Broker Back Office Reporting

Risk Management

Robo-Advisor API

Configuration & Operations


Security Is a Top Priority

Client confidentiality and customer service are imperative to the survival of financial institutions. We design our products with multi-factor authentication, which relies on multiple provisions to verify authorized users. Along with a standard password, ETNA’s multi-factor authentication includes:

  • SMS authentication
  • Pin Code authentication
  • Picture authentication
  • Phrase authentication

Using two or more of these authentications together has proven to dramatically decrease the likelihood of a security breach. Additionally, we employ standard security precautions like SSL and HTTPS.

Market Data, Clearing House and Exchange Neutral

ETNA Trader has technology relationships and certified integrations with most popular venues for market data, execution, account custodians and clearing houses. If you are not satisfied with the existing vendor list, we would be glad to assist with new integrations.

Scalable Architecture for Business Growth

ETNA Trader was designed to grow with the business. Latest cloud technologies and distributed architecture allow us to easily scale up or down system as we go. Should you need more servers or power, it is a click away. Convenient pay-per-use pricing models let optimize the technology costs depending on the stage your business is in, seasonality or special marketing campaigns.

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Try ETNA Trading Simulator!

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