Broker Back Office for broker-dealers and digital advisors

ETNA Broker Back Office is a web platform for broker-dealers and digital advisors designed to automate business processes from client interfacing, accounts custodian to regulatory requirements and compliance reporting.

ETNA Middle and Back Office powers broker-dealers and digital advisors with robust regulatory technology to ease the operations of an online brokerage or investment firm.

Invest in what really makes a difference for business, while ETNA's technology ensures your business is running smoothly.

Broker Back Office Technology

Key Features

Account Management

White Label Trading Platform
Back Office


Risk Management

Robo-Advisor API

Configuration & Operations


Security Is a Top Priority

Client confidentiality and customer service are imperative to the survival of financial institutions. We design our products with multi-factor authentication, which relies on multiple provisions to verify authorized users. Along with a standard password, ETNA’s multi-factor authentication includes:

  • SMS authentication
  • Pin Code authentication
  • Picture authentication
  • Phrase authentication

Using two or more of these authentications together has proven to dramatically decrease the likelihood of a security breach. Additionally, we employ standard security precautions like SSL and HTTPS.