ETNA Digital Advisor

REST-based OMS API and Back Office

ETNA Digital Advisor is a white label platform for robo-advisory firms, fund managers, RIAs and alternative investment firms. ETNA's white label software platform is designed to let financial advisors focus on what truly matters - unique investing algorithms,  user experience, exceptional customer service -  without having to implement the trading infrastructure. Place orders across client profiles and execute simultaneously in individual client accounts or trade from a consolidated master account and use our trade allocation module. ETNA Digital Advisor enables easy access to OMS/EMS to automate execution, pre- and post-trade risk management, margin requirements, account balances monitoring, compliance and reporting. It also does reconciliation of account information with the clearing broker.

White Label Digital Advisor Platform

ETNA Digital Advisor Features


  • Equities, ETF, Mutual Funds
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Cryptocurrency

Order Types

  • Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit
  • Trailing Stop, Trailing Stop Limit
  • OCO and OTO
  • Multi-leg Options
  • Trade Allocations, Fractional Shares

Account Monitoring

Real-time access via API to:

  • Account Balances, P/L, Buying Power
  • Positions
  • Orders

Back Office Console

  • User/Account Management
  • Order Tagging (client identification)
  • Orders and Positions Management
  • System Configuration

Account Reconciliation

  • SOD and EOD files processing
  • OATS Ceporting
  • Drop Copy

Simulated Trading

  • Test your application in close-to-life environment
  • Allow clients to try your app without risk
  • Create trading contests to boost clients activity

Third Party Neutral

Connect to any:

  • Execution Venue
  • Clearing Firm
  • Market Data Provider


  • Intuitive Technology
  • Smooth and Easy Integration
  • Scalable
  • Compatible with any programming language

Streaming API

Subscribe to real-time notifications for:

  • Order Executions Status
  • Positions Changes
  • Streaming Market Data
API and SDK Documentation

Focus on Your Unique Value Proposition

Focus on enhancing your product offering, optimizing your unique algorithms or improving user experience or customer  service. There are only so many ways a programmer can design a proprietary OMS with most of the functionality dictated by industry regulators, laws and 3rd party partners, such as execution and clearing firms. Too many companies fall in the trap of re-inventing the wheel instead of realigning pre-existing solutions to propel business forward faster.

Streamline core operations by leveraging ETNA Digital Advisor. Focus on what really matters - business growth.

Expert Developer Advice and Support

At ETNA We have been building enterprise-level trading software since 2002 and gained specialized FinTech expertise along the way.  In the technical realm, having a helpful expert by your side is an invaluable resource. ETNA provides strategic technical advisory along with modern trading software products. All of our APIs are documented with code examples and SDK available upon request. 24/7 support team is ready to answer questions or help with implementation. 

API Documentation

Developer Support

Code Examples


Access to Expert Advice