Stock Trading Simulator
  • Web and Mobile Stock Trading Simulator
  • Life-like executions with no risk to capital
  • Streaming quotes, Level 2, charts, news
  • Personalize trading dashboard with custom widgets
  • Virtual Options Trading and Option Chains
  • Switch to a real money account with one of partners brokers

Web Trading Terminal

HTML5 based trading frontend with stocks and options trading capabilities. Responsive graphic user interface (GUI) runs in all popular browsers with no need to download any additional software or installing updates. 

Mobile Trading Applications

Trade on the go with ETNA Trader Mobile. Just look for "ETNA Trader Mobile" in the Apple Store or Google Play Market, download and install a free app to start trading. Option chain, multi-leg orders and price alerts are all available in the demo app. 

Digital Advisor software

Automate client onboarding, portfolio rebalancing, risk profiling, trade allocations and more. Stay ahead of competition with a modern web-based software for RIAs, financial advisors and roboadvisory firms.

Trading API

Whether you are a FinTech firm looking to scale or grow your online investment product offering, or startup with an idea in mind, we are here to help. Leverage ETNA's Trading APIs to shortcut your route to market and streamline business operations and tech support.

Broker Back Office

Managing online trading platform and brokerage business with ETNA Trader is just a click away.  Get access to a vast array of settings to configure the platform and trading styles and automate operations by using built-in compliance and business reports.

Widget Designer API

Got a cool visual, charting, analytics or AI FinTech application? We are thrilled to learn more about it. Our Widget Designer API allows smooth integration of web applications into ETNA Trader Platform to bring even more value to a thriving community of ETNA Trader users and boost FinTech innovation.

What our users say:

"Learning how to trade and this free simulator is really helping me understand how to use market data and make educated trades "

"Its the best trading platform I found on the market to learn options trading"

"It was simple to download and not a bunch of hoops to jump through! Nice it is free to try."

"I think the system is easy to navigate which is very important to me. "

"Great interface - quick response, cutting edge display"

Why do you need a stock trading simulator?

Online Trading Platform for Educators

Get a web stock trading simulator for paper trading to introduce your students to a world of modern electronic trading. Our easy to use intuitive platform allows instructors to upload live streams of trading strategies, set up chat rooms for different student groups, easily plug in 3rd party apps, run reports in seconds and monitor activities through the back office portal in real time. Start your business today with ETNA Stock Trading Simulator!

Trading Strategy Testing for Individual Investors

Validate your bravest trading ideas with no risk to capital. Use ETNA stock trading simulator to get access to historical and fundamental data. Track strategy performance online and on mobile. Set up trade alerts and place trades just from your mobile phone or smart watch once the alert is triggered. Stay up to date with a fast-paced digital world and use ETNA Trading Software!

Client Acquisiton for Brokers

Attract new audiences, educate and convert them into new clients with ETNA Stock Trading Simulator.  Offer paper trading capabilities and teach beginner investors how to trade online and on mobile. Add more value to your existing clients by teaching new trading techniques and introducing new asset classes. Increase engagement, trading volumes and clients' satisfaction by introducing modern trading tools.