ETNA Stock Trading Simulator

ETNA Stocks and Options Trading Simulator

  • Web and Mobile Trading Simulator
  • Life-like executions with no risk to capital
  • Streaming quotes, Level 2, charts, news
  • Personalize your trading dashboard with your own widgets
  • Switch to a real money account with one of our brokers

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Web Trading Terminal

ETNA Trader Demo is an HTML5 based trading frontend with stocks and options trading capabilities. Responsive graphic user interface (GUI) runs in all popular browsers and on any device. Our web trading frontend is designed as drag'n'drop (DND) interface with various widgets to customize your trading experience. Want more? Take advantage of our custom widget designer API and create unique trading dashboards.

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Mobile Trading Applications

Trade on the go with ETNA Trader Mobile. Download our demo mobile trading applications from the Apple Store or Google Play Market. Easily create a demo account from your mobile device and start trading stocks and options. Option chain, multi-leg orders and price alerts are all available in the demo app. The most active traders may benefit from using our app for AppleWatch for even more dynamic trading experience.

Back Office Portal

Manage your trading platform and online brokerage business from one place with a click of a mouse.  Get access to a vast array of settings to configure the platform and trading styles, automate operations by using compliance and business reports. Manage trading rules and securities database. Contact us to get a personalized demo of ETNA Back Office for broker-dealers and advisory firms.


Easy Access

online stock trading software

Create an account online and get an instant access to a web trading simulator. Easy online access from any browser, any device. No hassle access without installing plugins or updates. Real-time account balances, details and data are synced in real time between apps. Contact us to learn more.

Trading Education

Introduce students to a world of modern electronic trading with a platform that is intuitive. ETNA Trader Online Trading Simulator allows teachers to upload live streams of trading strategies, set up chat rooms for different student groups, easily plug in 3rd party apps, run reports in seconds and monitor activities through the back office in real time. 

Customized Trading

customizable stock trading simulator


Personalize your trading experience with an advanced HTML5 drag'n'drop (DND) user interface. ETNA Trader is a trading browser within a browser.  Dive into the same trading environment no matter where you left. Looking for a branded stock trading simulator? Contact us and we will set up a free trial private-labeled instance for you.

Trading Strategy Testing

Validate your bravest trading ideas with no risk to capital. Use ETNA stock and options trading simulator to get access to historical and fundamental data and track strategy performance online. Set up trade alerts  and place trades from alerts using your mobile device.

Options Trading Simulator

online stock trading simulator


Practice and test trading ideas risk-free with an online stock trading simulator. Ideal for online trading educators and schools, web trading competitions, beginning traders and broker-dealers seeking to attract new customers. Feature-rich UI with streaming data and Back Office to manage the platform and monitor statistics. Contact us to learn more.

Client Acquisiton

Broker-dealers may attract new clients by offering paper trading capabilities and teaching beginner investors how to trade on their platform. Increase existing clients' engagement and trading volumes by organizing online trading contests for traders.