Order and Execution Management System API dramatically reduces the complexity associated with trading securities.

Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) API simplifies trade management for portfolio managers, robo-advisors and other FinTech firms. Configurable OMS API automates trade submissions, reporting, trade allocations and track order status, positions and account balances. ETNA's OEMS API offers multi-asset trading functionality and is seamlessly integrated. Leverage 10+ years of trading technology experience and choose  ETNA Order and Execution Management System API for your new online investing startup, product or service.


Automate Trading Operations

  • Monitors and manages trading activity in real time
  • Maintains positions
  • Downloads SOD (start-of-day) files from the clearing firm
  • Receives orders and routes them to the appropriate execution venue
  • Tracks the progress of each order through its lifecycle
  • Calculates buying power, margin requirements and account balances of each account in real time
  • Manages trade allocations
  • Sends Drop Copies to all appropriate receivers
  • Uploads EOD (end-of-day) trade files to the clearing firm and reports to regulators

Key Features

  • Market Data-, Clearing- and Execution-Neutral OMS 
  • Infinitely customizable with multiple rule engines
  • Easy integration  through RESTful API 
  • Integrated Back Office application to control users, accounts, positions, orders, margins, commissions, execution routes
  • Supports Multi-Leg Option strategies and their optimization
  • Trade Allocations, Fractional Shares Support
  • Virtual Exchange and simulated (paper) trading for educational, demo and testing purposes
  • Cloud hosted for infinite scalability or deployable on your own servers.




REST-based Open API

  • Use best in class ETNA OMS API as building blocks to accelerate the launch of your business and reduce IT costs
  • Leverage 10+ years of trading technology experience via ETNA OMS API
  • Extremely intuitive REST-based API compatible with any programming language
  • Get easy access to integrated real-time level 1 and level 2 market data
  • Take advantage of custom watch lists, user registration, account mapping and more.